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ISBN #: 9781772334135
July 2015
Evernight Publishing
94 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jason is a porn star and goes by the stage name “Bone Harder.” While he likes the money he makes doing the “scenes” that are required for porn films, he is hungry to find a woman he can make a real connection with.

Sydney works in a deli shop as a banker and also puts together hampers for customers. She loves her job, but unlike her sister Dawn she is not as promiscuous. While she would love to find a good man and have a relationship, her luck with men is not that good.

When Jason drops his credit card at a club, and Sydney picks it up and tries to give it back to him, he is rude thinking she is just another porn star groupie. Fortunately for him, she is very forgiving. And when he realizes she does not recognize him, he is ecstatic. Liking her straightforward manner and her looks, Jason finds himself falling hard very fast. There is only one problem, he cannot bring himself to tell her what he does for a living. He knows he needs to, but as he falls deeply in love, he continues to stall. While he knows Sydney loves him too, he is terrified she will leave him and he will have nothing. Will Jason get up the courage to tell Sydney he is Bone Harder, or will someone else tell her, ruining everything?

I have to say I did not think I was going to like this book initially. The whole idea of a love story about a porn star just did not seem like it would work. However, Ms. Crescent did an absolutely fabulous job. What I really loved was how it was clear she had researched the industry, and found out the nitty gritty of what it is really like. I also loved how she showed the porn stars as real people with feelings and emotions that like the rest of us are just trying to make a living. This is a well written, tasteful, and just downright beautiful love story. Ms. Crescent did what I thought was the impossible, she wrote a love story about a porn star and did so successfully. I will most definitely be buying more books by this author. Do yourself a favor and check out Porn Star, you will not be sorry, it is money very well spent.

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