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The Art of Kink Series

Book 1: Pose

The Art of Kink, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781629161174
March 5, 2015
Hartwood Publishing
175 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary, M/F
Rating: 4 Cups

Holding on to this secret is killing Morgan. She hates keeping anything from her Dom, but keeping Loft open for underprivileged kids is worth any punishment he will mete out.

For a while now Julian Turner has been feeling a chasm opening up between him and his sub. As hard as he tries to subdue the beast inside, so as not to scare her, this secret she is holding onto is tearing away at his control.

One more month and Morgan will know if Loft wins the grant, but the strain is definitely taking its toll. Especially on her relationship with Julian. She worships every second with him, yet she knows he is holding back. Julian is blown away by Morgan’s betrayal, only it is himself he blames above all else. She is his whole world, which means he needs to be the Dom she deserves, or let her go.

There are as many levels to BDSM as there are people who live it, and in my opinion, Julian and Morgan are very deeply involved in the lifestyle. What they have and how they relate to each other is rather extreme, yet it is beautiful in its ferocity. Like any relationship though, it is a work in progress. I love their passion, dedication, and absolute devotion to each other, even when obstacles try to derail them.

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