Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60-735-133-7
April 2010
Resplendence Publishing
60 pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance with BDSM and BBW elements
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellie is happy with her life; she has friends and her own house as well as a good job she earned without help from anyone. Okay, so she does not date, what is the point? Nobody she has ever met interested her. That is until Jackson walks through her office door to find her on hands and knees crawling out from under her desk, and she is strangely happy to sit there looking up at him.

Jackson is an experienced Dominant and is looking for a submissive; but he wants an independent one, if such a thing exists. When he first meets Eleanor kneeling on her office floor, he knows she is a natural submissive and everything he wants in a woman.

Ellie is completely unaware of her submissive side, and is unsure of why she wants to do as Jackson commands her. He is an over powering alpha male who should be everything she hates in a man... but he is not, and she is falling for him fast.

Ellie and Jackson make an impressive couple, even if Ellie is unaware of some parts of the dynamics between them. The characters are well developed and professional in their work and daily lives. Ms Bradford has taken a successful, independent woman and turned her into the perfect submissive without changing Ellie’s personality, something not many authors can manage so easily.

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