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Greek Love Duo Series:
Book 1: Paying Her Debt
Book 2: Getting Her Greek

ISBN# 9781926950655
July 11, 2011
Evernight Publishing
E Book
$ 4.99
113 pages
Contemporary Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Left with a mountain of debts—after her cheating fiancé ran her business into the ground while she lay in a hospital bed recovering from a car accident—Andrea Jones works around the clock to make things right with her bill collectors. When she is caught sleeping on the job by one of her employers, she knows she must find more work, fast. But when a mistake leaves her with his wallet, she almost looks forward to seeing the heartthrob jerk, even if just for the time it takes to return it. Will fate allow her even more time in his enigmatic presence?

Alexander Iannou was told by his grandmother he would find the love of his life in her hometown. Keeping the ring she gave him for his future bride in his wallet as a reminder of what she advised him, he still isn’t sure her version of love will ever be attainable. Finding Andy—curled exhausted in a pile of cardboard and looking fragile—he fires her and knows he had to. But his continued guilt over what should have been a simple and logical business decision haunts him.

When a mugging leaves her broken and he finds out, he knows he has a second chance to take care of the obviously struggling Andy. With her fiery independence and his domineering protectiveness, sparks quickly fly. Will their passion lead to something worth keeping? Or will they part ways after she has finished Paying Her Debt?

The tenderness between the main characters in this contemporary erotic was evident and well-founded within the story. Although Alexander was somewhat pushy—even going so far as to practically kidnap Andy at one point—the author did a good job of creating a believable love story within the tale. While this reader found Alex’s highhanded nature disturbing, and Andy’s willingness to cave to it due to the passion he elicited, somewhat unbelievable due to her nature, other readers might simply fall under the spell of the obvious love they show each other. The sex was phenomenal and the world building well done, however, this reader was put off by the dominant-to-the-point-of-commanding male and strong but easily led female.

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