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ISBN: 978-0-06-186313-4
January 26, 2010
420 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

It is customary, if not mandatory, that a man of certain wealth and regard take a wife and continue his family’s legacy, but Fitzwilliam Darcy has never come across any woman whose company he cared to keep. He much prefers the company of men, for their wit, their intelligence, and especially their fortitude.

There have never been high hopes for Elizabeth Bennet making a good match. Her poverty, very modest upbringing, and horribly outspoken mother all conspire to assure her that no man of substance will ever take her as a bride.

Darcy has never failed to find a willing partner to slake his desires, but Charles Bingley is certainly his companion of choice, so much so that when Charles declares his love for Jane Bennet, Darcy is consumed with jealously. He tries valiantly to prevent Charles from committing, but in the meantime finds himself uncommonly smitten with Jane’s younger sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is nothing like the other women he has known, and certainly does not fit his societal status, but her quick tongue, wicked intelligence, and luminous eyes leave him speechless. Darcy is not a man Elizabeth ever considered being able to attract, and she is not at all sure she wants to, as he is so much larger than life, but the desire and need she is feeling may be more than she can bear to ignore.

Dipping into the wealth of Jane Austin’s characters has produced this most scintillating read. Darcy and Charles’s characters are brought to life, and their relationship bears all the earmarks of a great male love story. But then you add in the ladies, Elizabeth and Jane, and you have a tangled web of sweetness, seduction, and secrets that will keep you thoroughly spellbound. Their nineteenth century propriety is a veil to a whole host of lusty liaisons, ebullient emotions, and fierce intelligence sure to titillate anyone’s secret desires.

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