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ISBN # (10)0753518260/(13)978-0-7535-1826-7
July 21, 2009
Virgin Books
$12.95 US/$16.50 CAN/7.99 UK
384 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

A group of young men and women join a professor on a field trip to a paradise island to participate in what they are hoping will be an easy way to get some fun in the sun while working on college requirements. Only this group is about to find that miles away from civilization people can and will do anything to survive.

A writer has been contacted to write up the story of the surviving members of this pleasant expedition gone bad. When he cannot get the survivors to open up and feels they are hiding things, he digs deeper to learn what happened on the island.

With their leader missing, two members presumed dead and three of the women having conceived; where does the truth begin and the stories end? Is this group hiding more than they are telling? Just what did happen on this island during their stay? So many questions left unanswered. Will the truth be revealed?

Wow, double wow. Primal is one of the best books I have read this year by far. Robin Baker sucks you into a world where you are ultimately amazed and perplexed by the story that unfolds. Told from many views at times, Primal is neither confusing nor dull, but flows so smoothly as you race through to the end. Fully developed characters and an amazingly complex storyline about human nature are what are in the pages of Primal. This is one book that will blow you away. You will WANT to read this book, I have no doubt.

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