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ISBN# 0013285637 (ISBN13: 2940013285637)
October 12, 2011
Soul Mate Publishing
$ 4.99
318 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Elyse Tobin is following in the tradition of the Tobin women before her. She is working to pay off the mortgage on her family home and hopefully at some point she will have at least one child to carry on the proud Tobin name. To do this, she has created a unique business that has funded the remodeling of the fantastic home…creating Prince Charming husbands for the rich. Each of her Princes are based on Nick Salvatore—the man she wishes was husband material but since he is a dedicated gigolo, well, she is wise enough to realize he can’t ever be one.

Nick is cloaked in mystery and everyone wants him. But he wants one thing—Elyse. Secretly cooking up a thousand cheesecakes to woo her, he is a chef and author of cookbooks and all of it revolves around the one night he held her in his arms. He has known since that one night that she was the one for him and if she with all her matchmaking expertise can’t see that, well, he will woo her with decadent desserts till she sees the light.

But someone is out to destroy Elyse before she can make her dreams come true. Is it the demanding and shrewish Saban with her need for a plumber Prince? Or is it Andrew who is plotting something with Andrew? And what is going on with the IRS? When everything spirals out of control, only a real prince can show Elyse what she has been looking for all along.

This story was fun, fresh and as tasty as the cheesecakes that Nick cooked up. I was fascinated at the exceptionally romantic Nick and his dedication and secret seduction as well as the stubborn and feisty Elyse and her abject refusal to see what was going on. The sexy interplay between these two characters was impossible to resist and the supporting cast was vibrant and well thought out. All in all, a can’t put down read that had me flipping the pages and chuckling and left me very hungry for cheesecake—and I am lactose intolerant!

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