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Bloodborn 2
ISBN# 1-60601-385-8
March 2010
Siren Publishing
176 Pages
Erotic Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Tatiana Ivanova Gregorovich is the daughter of Count Gregorovich, the emperor’s general. Tatiana is told by Catherine I, the ruler of Russia, to trust no one, especially not her father.

Nicholas Greystone, Lord Wetherington, has lived an interesting life. He was even alive during the days of Pharaoh and Cleopatra. His desire for Tatiana makes him want to unlock all her secrets.

Tatiana’s father has tried to marry her off, but each time she refuses. He sends her to court, to train to be a lady-in-waiting to the empress. She meets Nicholas, who has a bewitching like spell over her; one which would induce her to freely give her innocence. Nicholas knows once he binds his blood with hers they will be together forever. He will make sure she never remembers the night, but if she ever needs him, he will always be there watching her. Tatiana’s thoughts are always readied for Nicholas. He has a sense of danger that ignites her. When someone fights with Nicholas, Tatiana has to learn the meaning of this conquest. Will they be able to get past the obstacles to have their eternity of love together, or will Tatiana be condemned a conspirator once everything is brought out into the open?

Once the pages open up, Tracy L. Ranson pens a colorful story that sweeps the reader into a tale that is quite visual in every aspect. The sheer description of Nicholas practically had me wishing he would jump out of the pages and into my living room. He is absolutely one hot, delicious vampire who oozes charm and sex appeal. I love the shyness of Tatiana and how she slowly opens up to Nicholas. Prince of Shadow is a magnificent story, with unforgettable characters that I fell in love with.

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