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ISBN:9781940099941/ASIN : B00RUILBIU
January 28, 2015
Prism Book Group
$3.99 eBook/$14.99 print
213 Pages
Inspirational Romance/Time Travel
Rating: 3 cups

The death of a Debra's aunt has left her saddened and grieving. She loved her, and now she is gone. Debra has inherited her aunt's house as well as a lovely strand of flawless pearls and a note warning her to never wear them. However, she cannot resist and puts them on, and strange consequences begin.

Debra soon finds herself in danger; the cause; the pearls. She wishes she never put them on as they refuse to come off. And now she has found herself traveling back in time to Galveston in the pirate's heydays. Even meeting a few friends and a wonderful man she has fallen in love with can mean nothing if the pearls' secrets are not revealed and she can have no past and no future.

Prisoner of The Pearls is an interesting book. I love the concept of the storyline and the excitement it portrays. However, I felt it fell short of my expectations of that. I enjoyed the characters and their individual stories, but for me the chemistry between the characters fell flat, making the story seem too broken up and not flowing smoothly. Besides its few flaws, for me I did enjoy the read. Best use your own judgment on this one.

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