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Fierce Hearts
Book 1: Secrets
Book 2: Cravings
Book 3: Heartfelt
Book 4: Probabilities

ASIN: B015P79X7I
12 October 2015
Crimson Romance
207 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Tizzy Sands, a were-lynx in the local colony and kindergarten teacher, is a cancer survivor whose treatment has left her barren and she avoids lasting relationships because of it. The feelings she has for long-time friend and co-colony member Quinn, have evolved, but she does not think that she has anything to offer him besides a quick fling. One day trouble finds one of her students, Micah, who is also a were-lynx, and she is asked to step in and help.

Quinn Arons, a were-lynx and genius architect is a recovering alcoholic who is haunted by childhood sexual abuse and has issues with interacting with people. He cannot relate to most people except to his fellow were-lynx Tizzy. Unable to pin-point when his feelings for Tizzy had changed, he never the less thinks that she is perfect for him. He believes that she is the one for him and knows her stance on relationships and why, but hopes to change her mind.

The trouble that finds Tizzy’s student and his mother, Karyn, is connected to the enemy of her were-lynx colony, the TNG. TNG, the Nexus Group, is a covert company suspected to genetically alter were-lynxes, and humans in an attempt to create the perfect soldier. Karyn was chosen for her ability, kidnapped, and impregnated by another lynx for this reason. In the past, the Database, a book containing the ancestral lines of every were-lynx in existence was stolen and the colony makes plans to retrieve it from TNG before they do anything with it.

Sorry to say this book was not for me. The writing seemed more of a recitation and rote delivery of things that happened. Since I failed to read the prior books I did not really feel the loathing and hatred for TNG that I should have. I also missed out on a better grasp of the characters, their personalities, and back stories. This is for someone looking for a book with a light-hearted, sweet paranormal romance, with some suspense and not a lot of violence. However, I would highly advise starting the series with its first book, Secrets.

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