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ISBN# Unavailable
January 2010
White Rose Publishing
49 Pages
Inspirational, Contemporary, Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Daniel Gardner decides to return home, not sure of the welcome he will receive. More importantly, he wonders if Lane will accept him back into his life.

Lane Taylor has buried the love she felt for Daniel deep into her heart. Then he arrives, and the heartstrings become twisted. She wonders if he even wants her back in his life.

Daniel has arrived for his brother’s wedding. The only problem, it has been years since he had seen his family. His mother eagerly accepts him with open arms. He wonders if he will be able to see the woman he has loved for years, and luckily Lane is not too far from his sight. The moment Lane sees Daniel, she notices he still can command a presence once he enters a room. Lane had no idea she would turn to mush when Daniel returned home and they started spending time together. Daniel knows he is like the prodigal son, trying to make amends. He can only hope that everyone will embrace him the same way he would like to greet them again. Will he and Lane be able to show others how easy it is to forgive?

Robin Bayne pens a story where the reader can immediately connect with the players. There were many times I instantly could share in their emotions and the way they interacted with each other just by their simple expressions. One can definitely feel the love going on among Lane and Daniel. This is one of those stories that gets to the heart of the matter and allows the reader to look inside their heart. The Prodigal is a delightful read that is enchanting and leaves one with a good feeling inside. I think it is a story not to be missed.

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