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ISBN: 9780765336866
October 2013
A TOR Book
Trade Paperback
$14.99 US / $16.99 CAN
364 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The five years since Rafe Montana has last seen his family hurts no less now than it did when he walked away. Going home is the last thing Rafe wants to do, although he may not have a choice.

Bailing Danny out of trouble is getting to be as much work as running Apex, but Cara McGaffigan loves her brother, and he is the only family she has left. This time, though, Danny is in neck deep and on the run from men who will take his life and not think twice.

Finding Danny turns into a fiasco that Cara is in no way equipped to handle, which means accepting help from a man who shakes her to her core. Rafe's Seer abilities have never failed him, until now, and it is not just Danny he cannot read. Cara may be an open book he wants to bury himself in from cover to cover, but with men whose powers rival his own chasing them, Rafe needs help fast. The only people he knows who can help him are his family, and they may just as quickly slam the door in his face.

Prodigal Son is a slam dunk! A gorgeous bounty hunter who thinks he cannot be beat gets his pride and his heart handed to him by a woman who would give anything to have a family. Cara is willing to accept all the strange and scary things about Rafe, but what she will not tolerate is him giving up on his family. All I can say is there better be more from the Montana clan, because in no way am I ready for this to be over!

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