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Wolves and Waves, Book 1
ISBN# (MLR)1020130127
August 2013
MLR Press
199 Pages
Paranormal GLBT Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

Angelo is ready to step down as substitute alpha and let the true alpha wolf take his place. First, though, Angelo will have to get the stubborn wolf to meet with him.

Even after four years, Carlo knows he is not ready to have the rules and responsibilities of being the alpha of the pack. More than that, he is not ready to see the man who has made his heart twist painfully in his chest each time he glances at him.

Angelo has to find a way to get Carlo to take over. The twenty-year-old leaves with his spirit full of anger, resentment and hurt. Now that he is twenty-four, Angelo is hoping that Carlo is a mature grown wolf who will fit into his role as the true alpha, without too much hardship. But Angelo should have known that, when it comes to Carlo, nothing is ever simple. Has enough time passed for these two strong-willed wolves could to find finally peace and ease the desire that always seems to flame up between them?

Parts of Prodigal Wolf have great storylines. The overall plot is solid. However, there are so many characters involved, along with many subplots that at times I feel completely lost. The dynamics between Angelo and Carlo are impressive, explosive and leave no doubt in my mind how strong these two characters are. Most times, the story flows quite nicely, but there are a couple of times it feels stilted and forced. While some of the questions I have are answered, by the end of the book I still have many more that are left unanswered. I feel like I should read the second book in the series when it comes out because I need the answers to those questions.

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