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ISBN#: 9781619233751
12 April 2016
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
129 pages
New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Werewolf
Rating: 3 Cups

Natasha Moon, a werewolf, is on the run after a bloody night where her ex, Daniel, attacks her family, in attempt to kidnap her. Escaping brings her to California, where she is to meet Liam, another wolf, who helps runaways. At first she is drawn to him, but past experience has her holding back. While attending the local community college, she meets Clint, the alpha’s son, and other wolves, but she is wary as Daniel was also an alpha’s son. At the same time her desire grows for Liam, but she does not know if his affection is real or because he had been paid.

Liam Grey, a lone alpha wolf, wrestling with the demons of his past, avoids all attachments and sticks to help relocate shifters in need. Unexpectedly he finds himself drawn to Natasha and wanting to spend more time with her. One day he spots his rival chatting up Natasha, which sends his blood boiling. He is adamant that she stay away from Clint as they have a past and he does not trust him. The past they share concerns the death of another girl. He is afraid to get closer to Natasha, afraid that he is like his father who was a violent man who killed his mother.

There is Liam; whose desire Natasha is not sure is genuine. Then there is Clint, whose pack reminds her of the one she left. A night of passions running wild for Liam and Natasha end with soured feelings and each to chose to avoid the other. She is still in need of a safe place to shift, so she accepts Clint’s offer to run with him and his pack. That night Liam shows with a warning, but the shift over comes him, halting his words ... Daniel has found her. Will his love for Natasha be strong enough to get over his personal demons in time to fight for her?

Compared to other werewolf books that I have read, the werewolves in this book were pretty tame, sort of like a werewolf-lite version. Despite this I did enjoy reading about Liam struggling with his inner demons and Natasha’s anxiety about having to start over, the threat of Daniel, and not knowing about her parents. The POV switched between Liam and Natasha, so you could get a good grasp on each of their insecurities about their past and each other. This was an okay read, I prefer a bit more back-story/lore when I read about paranormal beings, but if a person is looking for paranormal romance-lite this would be a good book.

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