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ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22937-3, 10: 0-451-22937-1
February 2010
Signet Eclipse
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Very few young girls know exactly whom they want for a husband after one meeting, but the precocious six-year-old Isabella Weston knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. Despite their age difference, and the fact that he is her older brother’s best friend, she makes it her life’s mission to see her dream fulfilled.

Losing one’s family at the age of ten is devastating for James Sheffield, but being sent to live with his grandfather was the ultimate in pain. He swore then and there that no one would have that hold over him again, and by never loving, he is assured of never feeling that kind of heart-wrenching pain.

Being best friends with Henry Weston is the closest James will ever allow himself a family, and over the years the Westons become like surrogate parents to him. He always considered Henry’s sisters his sisters as well, until the fateful night of Izzie’s coming out ball. He made her a promise years ago, and he never reneges on his promises, not like Izzie would ever let him forget anyway. She took his breath away, along with his heart, but the promise he made to himself forces him to drive a wedge between them that no amount of tears, cajoling, or seduction should be able to overcome.

It is so rare to find a Historical Romance novel with such a myriad of delightful and interesting characters, but you will certainly find them here. Izzie is absolutely enchanting, her wit, her intelligence, and especially her heart just pour into every action and word. James is your typically muddle-headed male, and one you just have to love, despite his drive to make everything twice as difficult as it needs to be. I whole-heartedly applaud Sara Lindsey; her characters resound with spirit and energy, and their story really engages the heart.

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