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The Dream-Walker War

Book 1: Blood Rage
Book 2: Blood-Mage Rising
Book 3: Prophecy of Blood

2013 Interview

The Dream-Walker War, Book 3
ISBN #: 9781771302319
December 2012
Evernight Publishing
$ 5.99
275 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Starting off from where it left of at the end of book two, we know who Ares is but Chris and Jordan have written him off as a victim. At the same time, they are visited by an ancient, Xanthea. There are also snippets of a vision seen by seers showing two possible outcomes.

Xanthea tells them something of their origins which shakes Chris and Jordan's foundation. A secret which Xanthea worked very hard to protect and a prophecy which can change the tide of things if Ares is not stopped in time. He has all the elements required to bring Atlantis back, and it is feared he may have started the process.

Now in a race against time, Xanthea unlocks Chris Jordan’s gifts and her knowledge gives them leverage in finding and stopping Ares. At the same time, just in case they do not succeed, she has taken measures to ensure the prophecy will be fulfilled. Amid the chaos, there are issues of trust between the three, threat of the unknown, impending war between supernatural species, the burden of saving the world, and the possibility of love. Will they succeed? Will Jordan succumb fully to his dark nature? Will they understand and find love at last or will there be no tomorrow for anyone?

What a beginning! The prologue literally gave me goosebumps then the prophecy itself. I did not expect it at all from the previous book. A darker book then the previous one, but even more fulfilling. For those who want romance, you will find plenty in this; however, the romance is a bit unconventional. It just does not fit Jordan and Chris’s nature to be all lovey dovey though there are plenty of sizzling scenes. I am so glad Ms. Michaels did not change the basic nature of their personality just to write romance. The characters are still the same as they began but so much more now. You feel their growth. The vibrancy of their personality steps out of the pages and speaks to one on a personal level. I loved them before and love them even more now. The secondary characters and small snippets of the impending doom gave the story dimension similar to watching a 3D movie. A hair-raising adventure with uncertainty, individuality, and the natural curiosity of human nature connects the reader. I cannot wait for more in this series, or learn what happens next. If you want to feel the full gist of the emotions, read the previous book. A definite keeper!

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