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ISBN: 9781615727988
November 2012
Eternal Press
143 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Keisha Brown is a curvy neurobiologist who has just discovered the secret to human intelligence. She is hardworking and the only one of her family to go to college and have a successful career.

Yuri Kazakov is a Russian Vampire who wants to learn the origins of his species. He is a tall blond and very hot.

After Keisha found the secret to human intelligence, her life has been ruined. She is hunted and almost murdered. Now a vampire, she finds that her research has more far-reaching consequences and is part of an ancient Mayan prophecy.

This is an interesting story with smartly written dialogue and fascinating characters. The plotline is fast moving and exciting in parts. The author does a pretty good job of mixing some very disparate cultures as her vampires are wildly different from each other. Overall, this is an enjoyable read.

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