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ISBN# 9781426891595
May 2011
Carina Press
E Book / Audio
$4.49 / $15.95
232 Pages
Erotic/ Interracial/ Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

A witness to a murder she is helpless to stop, Megan Jackson finds the killer witnessed her observation. The problem? No one believes a crime even occurred. With her life now in danger, Megan is forced to turn to the only person she knows who can protect her. Her ex-boyfriend.

Will McCoy is an ex-cop, a job he loved, and ex-boyfriend of Megan Jackson, whom he loved even more. None of this matters as Megan’s life is endangered and he will do anything to keep her safe. His problem? Keeping his heart intact after she had already broken it once.

While everyone else seemed to be celebrating the haunts of a Halloween celebration, Megan Jackson not only becomes haunted by a real life crime she observes, she becomes hunted by the one she sees doing it. The only witness to a murder the cops believe is a Halloween prank, Megan seeks help from her ex-boyfriend, Will McCoy, after threats grow against her life. Fear, betrayal, family complications, and danger will operate the roller coaster ride of this story. It is all Megan and Will can do to hang on to emotions spiraling out of control while holding off a sinister killer determined to eliminate the only witness to his crime. Can Will take Megan into Protective Custody and keep her safe? Who will keep Will safe from Megan and further heartbreak?

Whoowee…grab me some ice cubes and give me the time to fan myself. This author certainly knows how to write a scene. Okay, it is true, there are erotic scenes, but honestly they are so well done it would be a crime to call them anything less than art-in-motion with delightful emotion. And speaking of crime, I also commend Ms. Daniels on how well she conquered this area. I appreciate very much her ability to merge that certain creepy perversion with heart-pumping suspense. I also enjoyed the surprise(s) she had in store for her readers. It is obvious Ms. Daniels diligently seeks to deliver a thought-provoking and entertaining read. There were only one or two little hiccups to interrupt my focus, but they hardly impeded the story and I forgave them almost instantly in my enjoyment of her craft. Overall, although graphic with violence at times coupled with sexual situations and abuse, it is in no way condoned by the author’s pen and parallel’s closely to what some of the more sophisticated television crime shows reflect. I do recommend Protective Custody and will add a little extra cream in that fourth coffee cup.

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