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The Transformation Series
Book 1: Psyche’s Prophesy
Book 2: Psyche’s Search
Book 3: Psyche’s Promise

Transformation Series, Book #3
ISBN# 9781619500693/(10)1619501090/(13)9781619501096
20 August 2012
Gypsy Publishing Company
331 Pages
Contemporary Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Lara McGinnis is trying to adjust to her new life. Now that the world has turned ugly and her hometown, Seattle, is overrun with mobs, she, her husband, Trevor, and their friend, Brad, are trying their best to live on a hidden farm. They hope to have a safe place to raise the baby she is expecting. But danger follows them in the form of Gradoxt, the Sidhe turned demon. He wants Lara and her baby, so kidnaps Trevor to lure Lara to him. Lara discovers that the magic she has learned is not enough to save Trevor, but maybe he can save himself.

Trevor has struggled to keep his wife safe, while feeling he is the least capable of the group to do so. He loves her dearly and cannot imagine life without her. So he manages to escape Gradoxt. After the baby is born, Gradoxt takes his wife and child somewhere no one can find. Out of desperation, Trevor discovers a way to save them, at the risk to himself.

The world that Trevor and Lara have known has crumbled and become violent. Though they have tried to hide from the threat, it has inevitably found them in one form or another. Trying to survive is hard enough. Trying to keep your family safe is harder. They think that, being with Raven and Lillith, the Sidhe, will make things easier, but they keep disappearing for long periods of time and do not confide anything to the humans. Things have been so difficult that the two have thought about moving back to Seattle and taking a chance away from magic and among other humans.

This story is well written and explores the depths of people’s behaviors in times of duress. It shows both the good and bad in every person and the keys that unlock them. The lengths Trevor and Lara go through for their love is wonderful. Though there are parts that leave me unsatisfied, overall the story feels real, and the characters are all diverse and interesting.

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