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ISBN#: 9781613721162
July 2011
Dreamspinner Press
112 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Derek Williams is a humane office and wolf shifter. He has trouble controlling his anger at the way humans treat their animals. Fortunately for him, the veterinarian who works with him is one of the only people who can calm him down after a particularly hard case. Now if he could just get up the nerve to ask the guy out.

Brian O’Donogue is a vet with a little something extra; he can communicate psychically with animals. Though he has deep feelings for Derek, his last partner was abusive, so he is a bit gun shy about starting a new relationship.

When Derek finally screws up his courage and asks the sexy vet he works with out on a date, both he and Brian are very happy with the outcome. They discover that they click both personally and sexually. Everything is moving along wonderfully as the two explore their deepening feelings for each other, but all is not paradise. Suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue, the feeling Brian has been having of being watched culminates in an attack on him and his dogs by a rogue wolf. This experience eventually forces Derek to reveal his secret. Will Brian be able to accept all of Derek?

Psychic Moon is a wonderful story about two people who finally screw up the courage to take a chance on love. The storyline is well done and kept this reader riveted to the pages until the story was done. The world building is a bit different from most wolf shifter stories and I really enjoyed that. So often, they run along the same lines. The fact that each of these men had a secret they were afraid to tell the other that made him different I think really added to the story. The love scenes are enough to singe eyebrows, but in a good way; they are totally hot! I will definitely be reading this book again, and recommending it to my friends because Psychic Moon has everything this reader wants to read in a paranormal/shifter romance!

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