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ISBN: 0-7582-1466-9
July 2006
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$12.95 U.S/$17.95 Canada
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Pure Sex is an anthology of three incredible tantalizing stories.

The Bet

Zoe does everything with excellence but sometimes she feels as if she does not fit in with others. She knows that she should be the one to get the promotion at the firm but something tells her that it will go to Phillip Kingdom. She knows that Phillip wants to date her but one thing she is certain of and that is never dating in the firm. Phillip is eager to be accepted for the promotion but what he wants more is Zoe. Understanding her feelings about dating co-workers, he decides to wager a little bet. If he wins she becomes his sex slave and does exactly what he commands within his time span. If she wins, she gets his whole bonus. Zoe thinks it is preposterous until he shows her the napkin where she agreed to their bet. Zoe is furious for having too many drinks and Phillip only wants to melt the Ice Queen. The countdown has begun but who will really be the one coming out winning?

The Bet is a fuel-powered read that this reader truly enjoyed. The writing is sharp, the dialogue top-notch, and the chemistry between the characters stupendous. Ms. Bets captivates with this gamble that is sure to please.

Slow Hand

Jared MacKay plans to take a much-needed nap until his next couple arrives. Thinking it is a married couple for his charter, he is surprised when only the bride shows, who appears to be a bit miffed. Teri Branton is steaming mad. The wedding was a no-show when the groom went missing in action but she refuses to let that spoil the honeymoon. She will just find someone else to fill Philip’s shoes, perhaps a pirate, a very handsome one that she can tame. When she boards the charter boat with Jared, she discovers when she lets her hair down sparks flare for both of them as they indulge in a passion neither imagined.

Slow Hand is a spinning good read. It is warm, loving and touches the heart as it overflows with electrifying energy and magnificent romance. Ms. Edwards pens characters that jump from the pages and sharp conversation that holds the readers interest.

The Crib

Lexy Signorino is a PI and is desperate for facts about a real killer. The only information she has points to someone she regards as family. She refuses to believe someone considered family could be the murder suspect. She decides to go undercover, working as a waitress in the bar owned by the murder suspect, but when Devon Kaye waltzes into the bar the investigation takes on a whole new meaning. Devon notices Lexy immediately and is smitten with her. Now the two must learn to earn each other’s trust and friendship as Lexy continues her search. The more Lexy dives into her exploration she wonders will she ever get the sexy, taunting and enticing Devon out of her mind.

The Crib is one sensational investigation ride as Lexy not only searches for the suspect but also finds the one perfect man that lights her fire. Ms. White truly pens a read that is gratifying in every sense.

Pure Sex is packed with three delightful reads that are absolutely luscious. I have to say the cover is quite spectacular and grabs the reader. All three authors have done a splendid job. Pure Sex is like a nice piece of chocolate, once you reach for a bite, you’re bound to want more. Sinfully rich, splendidly delicious.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books