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AISN: 978-1-939173-25-6
April 2013
Crescent Moon Press
399 pages
Epic Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Abby Randall is having a really bad day. She was just betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and best friend. In addition to the betrayal, she is transported somehow from the modern world of Dallas to the medieval world of Jastain. There she meets Avant, who says she was prophesized to be the one to save their world. Through his power, called implanting, he transfers his memories into her so that she can immerse herself into his culture, which also has the side effect of creating a unique link between them.

Avant has spent the last twenty years plotting revenge against the evil impostor king who had tried to kill him, and who also stole his wife. His prophetic gift told him that the Chosen One was coming, someone who will return the light and restore the rightful leader upon the throne. What it did not tell him was that she would be a beautiful girl from another world who frustrates him and kindles a strong desire in him that will test his twenty year old oath of fidelity he has kept for his wife.

Abby has to go from a spoiled party girl, who only knew how to shop, to a capable woman who has learned how to use her powers, worthy of being the Chosen One. Avant has vowed to help her, even if it takes them to Abby’s world and high into the mountains of Jastain, and even if there is an intense growing attraction between them. Along the way they find surprises about the prophecy, connections between worlds, and the past betrayals. Even if the light is restored, will the revelations keep them from admitting to the love growing between them?

This was a great story that sucked me in as soon as I began reading. I was able to connect to the characters and understand and love the world right from the start. Abby was an awesome character; she began as a spoiled self-absorbed brat and blossomed into a strong person you could admire. The story is written from both Abby and Avant’s point of views, which lets you see both their frustrations and emotions, with the added bonus of seeing their worlds from each other’s eyes. Even the secondary characters were great, well-developed, and added to the story. Over all this was a pleasurable easy to read story, rich with detail and vivid, relatable characters with adventure, mystery, and suspense.

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