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ISBN# 9781602151413
February 2011
E Book
144 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabel and Alma Trumbo are a couple of retired detectives who previously solved a mystery in the graveyard. On a quiet day at home, they find out their niece, Megan, stumbled over the corpse of her fiancé and is now suspected of murdering him. They decide to find evidence and the true criminal to protect Megan.

Sheriff Fox is running for office and wants this murder solved quickly. The first evidence he finds points to Megan, and that is good enough for him. When Alma and Isabel start trying to prove him wrong, he has to sabotage them to save face. Will the old women manage to ruin his chance at playing the hero?

The aunts' research leads them to believe that Megan is indeed innocent. From evidence suggesting that her fingerprints were planted, to conflicting stories from the gun shop, facts are piling up to prove someone else did it. But why would someone want the world to believe that Jake was murdered by Megan, God rest his cheating soul?

After a slow start, it proves to be a beautiful mystery full of deception, emotion, and likeable characters. The aunts are unique detectives and firmly stuck on their beliefs, while the sheriff comes across as a power-hungry fool too lazy to do real research. While told in an original voice, the setting is comfortable and slow paced and begs the reader to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy. Altogether a fun read full of fascinating characters.

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