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ISBN: 13-9780373837403-Paperback/ 9781426848575-eBook
February 2010
Paperback/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $9.99-CAN-Paperback/ $7.20-eBook
314 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

A Calculated Risk

Roni Kenway has always been known as just one of the guys. But she wants her crew chief to notice that she is a woman.

Judd Timmons has always known that Roni is a woman. He has just gone out of his way to pretend to only see her as another member of the crew pit team.

When Judd and his race car driver, Tucker Merritt, began a long feuding battle about an ex-girlfriend, it started affecting other team members and the race itself. Roni wants there to be harmony between them and be like the old days when they were best buds. She also wants Judd to notice her and goes out of her way to prove to him that she is a woman. Can she fix Tucker and Judd’s friendship and get the sexy crew chief to finally notice her as more than just a mechanic?

Vicki Lewis Thompson knows how to write romance. I thought all the conflicts going on within the storyline enhanced the tale and gave it more vibes. I love the idea of Roni being tomboyish and yet having the gumption to try to prove to Judd that she is ALL woman. The mishaps from her trying to make herself more girly were funny to read about and gave off an air of realism. What a cute and heartwarming story this turned out to be.

An Outside Chance

Of all the idiotic ideas that she has had, coming to Florida to meet an internet date has topped the cake for fashion dresser Lucy Vanderwal.

Sawyer Patton is on top of the world as he prepares for his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

When Lucy accidently punches a jogger, she feels embarrassed and intrigued by the sexy man. Getting to know Sawyer is wonderful and becomes almost surreal as she realizes he is the newest driver at NASCAR. What begins as a chance meeting on the beach soon becomes more as they spend hours and then days together. When her time is up to go home will Lucy leave with a broken heart?

Ms. Warren shows her funny side in this tale. I laughed as I read Lucy’s antics and how she tried to emulate the dating book. I thought at times that Sawyer came across as selfish, especially as he considered Lucy some sort of calming device. This is a nice story that mixes online dating and NASCAR racing in a quirky and fun way.

This Time Around

Megan Carter was away on vacation when she met a wonderful man. After a hot affair, she left him behind and is ready to start her career as a NASCAR Sprint Cup racecar driver.

Chris Donahue knew when Megan first walked into his restaurant in Bequia that she was the one for him. After she pretty much told him it was only a vacation fling, she left him and went back to Florida.

The last person Megan expected to see at the racetrack was Chris. When she finds out that he has kept his link to the raceway from her, it will leave her stunned and thinking the worst. Can Chris get Megan to realize that it was never about who his father is? Or is he destined to go back home with a broken heart?

I like the way Ms. Kelly brings the family dynamics into the racing world. This was a pretty intense drama with some issues that needed to be worked out between Chris and his family. I liked how Megan and Chris knew each other before the story got started. This is a good read and one that you will enjoy reading.

Racing Hearts is a book with three stories by three talented authors. I like how even though the tales are linked through NASCAR, they have subject matters that do not make them seem like the same story. Each tale has its own good qualities as well as individual personalities that keep the reader interested. I also really liked how the authors explained a bit about how their NASCAR stories came about. If you like hot men, strong women, fast cars, and intense drama then you will adore this book.

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