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ISBN: 978-1-63216-009-6
June 13, 2014
Dreamspinner Press
E-Book / Paperback
$6.99 EB / $14.99 PB
204 Pages
GLBT, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Since his divorce, Luke Jordan feels like his life is in limbo. Work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Even his son recognizes the funk his father is in, which prompts him to do something about it.

Theatre is like a drug for Jimmy Alexander; a place to let his personality free reign and soak up the vibrant energy that only a live audience can give. Teaching high school biology pays the bills, but it is acting that makes him happy.

Rainbow Blues is a meet and greet club for homosexual men whose everyday lives are not particularly accommodating to gay men. Luke was very skeptical about attending, although now he is very glad he did - otherwise he would never have met Jimmy. The instant attraction nearly floors them both, yet they are more than willing to see where this will go. Jimmy’s star is on the rise; however, which Luke will never stand in the way of, even if it kills him to let go.

There is no way you cannot love the sincerity and affection between Luke and Jimmy. For so long Luke has needed someone he can adore and care for, and Jimmy fills that space in his heart to perfection. I also really enjoy that their lives beyond the bedroom are the main focus in this story, even if those love scenes are seriously sexy. Ms. Burn just gets it, and her talent for delivering beautifully written stories is something you will never tire of.

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