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ISBN# 9781615819270
June 2011
Dreamspinner Press
68 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rodney is a gargoyle who is fascinated with the humans whose world he shares. He is concerned about what is going to happen to him because his perch has a crack. If he falls while in stone form, he will die.

David is a man that comes from money and has always done what is expected of him. However, his father now wants him to marry a woman, and being gay such a thing is abhorrent to him.

When the sun sets, Rodney becomes a living breathing being, and on once such night, David, one of the humans who lives in the building he perches on, comes to the roof. Rodney is not used to humans being able to hear him when he speaks, so when he comments on something that David almost does, he is surprised when David responds. This first encounter is the beginning of a rather unusual friendship, but when the attraction begins to go both ways Rodney knows the relationship can go nowhere. Afraid that David will not be able to handle who and what he is, Rodney stays hidden, until the night David’s life is in danger. Is Rodney wrong about how David will view him when he is forced to come out of the shadows?

Raincheck is a delightful story about a gargoyle who loves all things human. I really liked Rodney; he is so curious about the world around him. David is not your normal spoiled rich guy, and when presented with other options he is not afraid to take them. The world building is excellent, and the love scenes are emotional and well written. These two make the perfect couple, and the punch line to the story is absolutely priceless! If you love a little otherworldly with your gay romance then you should pick up a copy of Raincheck today!

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