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Demons and Dragons Book One
ISBN: 978-1-60394-408-3
February 2010
New Concepts Publishing
69 Pages
Futuristic Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

A d’skeku warrior is a revered fighter and one of the elite imperial guards, trained in all manner of combat to protect Emperor Prado, but Zaynah Rhan is the lowliest of all of the warriors. Her strength, no matter how hard she trains, will never match that of the other guards.

Years ago Diablo and Dunn lost all of their fire demon brothers to Prado. They have since made it a personal quest to completely cripple and destroy Prado’s empire.

Since before birth, Zaynah has been programmed to be a servant of the Emperor’s. Free will was never an option, but deep inside she can feel she is somehow different. When Prado sends her to Ranin Seven to fulfill his orders, she is sure this is her time to finally make her mark, but her arrival shakes her world. Diablo and Dunn had pretty much given up the idea of having mates, as they fight to destroy the Emperor, but with one touch to Zaynah’s delicate human body, they are consumed with desire. This tiny woman is much more than she seems, and for them the answer to their hearts’ dreams, but a force is about to change all of their lives forever, and none of them may live long enough to see their dreams come true.

Wickedly handsome demons, and one not-so-fragile-as-she-seems woman, light up the moon in this action packed and seriously sexy read. They are all very exciting characters and have plenty of spice to keep things interesting. The twists and turns of the plot, and all of the hidden powers of the players are at times confusing, but this may all come to light in upcoming books. It is a fun read with just enough scorching sex to keep you sizzling.

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