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ISBN: 9781772334104
1 July 2015
Evernight Publishing
208 pages
Paranormal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Interracial
Rating: 4 Cups

Finn, a necromancer and con-artist, fails at most things he does, but he is “pretty“. Hired to get the contents of a safe, he plans to seduce the owner for the combo, but the owner dies during the strip tease. He goes on the run instead of turning over the goods and is spotted by her goons. While escaping he crashes a social event, cozying up to a guest and pretends to belong to her. The guest, Veruca, might actually turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He will just have to evade his boss Angelina, her goons, and a few zombies, before he can enjoy it.

Veruca is a reaper who works directly under a prince of hell collecting souls and who is also competent in everything she does. While at a boring gathering, with a boring date she meets a necromancer, Finn, who as a bonus is cute and interesting. She decides to take him home with her, set him up with a new wardrobe, some healing, and help him with his troubles. Locating a tutor for his necromantic powers was easy. Getting him free of Angelina is another story. First she will have to deal with some gunfire, goons, and figuring out a way to get Angelina what she “deserves” not what she “wants.”

Finn is on the run from a ruthless woman who will pretty much do anything to get the object of her desire. At first Veruca thinks it will be easy to take care of Angelina, but she did not count on her avarice for what Finn retrieved. She concocts a plan to trap Angelina and free Finn permanently, but it comes with the chance to go very, very, wrong. In order to get their happily ever after, her powers of competency and his to fail at pretty much everything he does, are put to the test. Is Finn more than just a pretty face? Will Veruca be able to rely on someone beside herself?

This was a quick and delightful read, did not have info dumps, possessed some humor, had an enticing world, and fascinating characters who had some interesting quirks. It was a refreshing difference from other books in a similar genre where the guy is the one totally in charge and the female usually follows meekly along with everything he wants. Both characters were extremely likable as well as other characters in the book, despite the difference. They possessed the right amount of everything, not too strong, not too weak, and well, not too much of any one trait. I would read another book starring Veruca and Finn just to watch them grow and evolve as a couple and as people. I liked this book, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre, some good humor and anyone who wants a quick read.

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