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After the Bane Series
Book 1: Apocalyptic Moon
Book 2: Raven Moon

After the Bane, Book 2
ISBN #: 9781628302134
09 April 2014
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
376 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ravenna “Rave”, a raven shifter, is princess of the northern raven conclave, with a strong attraction to werewolves—namely Maddox. A person she recently rescued, speaks of a rumor of a cure for Z-phage and she plans with her friend Dora, who is a witch, to go check it out. Once there, her path crosses with a survivor who has been bit and is making a recording of the truth, that there is no cure, only a new type of zombie—chimpanzombies. She is rescued from them by Maddox, who has plans of taking her to face his pack’s justice … can she convince him otherwise before they get there?

Maddox is a werewolf, Templar of the Benandanti and hunter of the Kindred, whose mission is to wipe out shifters. After being gone a year, he returns and finds there is a new leader, a possibly insane Lazarus, who then offers him the post of his second. First, he flies to Texas where Jaeger, the leader of the Kindred, was seen last, and once there the pilot gives him orders to seek out the truth behind a rumor for a cure instead. Immediately he is thrust into battle with the new zombies and saves Rave, the “devil’s spawn” who has occupied his mind this past year, and who just also happens to be his pack’s #1 enemy.

During a supply run, Rave saves a former scientist who mentions a rumor of a colleague back in Texas who in search of a vaccine experimented with chimpanzees. She volunteers to go and investigate, but instead of a cure she finds a new type of zombie instead—chimpanzombies—who are faster, stronger, and eat anything. After a run in with the zombies and a bad injury, she is saved by Maddox who wants to take her to face pack justice. The way back is more than just evading zombies, there are tankers, slave traders, the Kindred, and the very intense chemistry growing between them. Which is easy compared to the last hurdle to their forbidden love—meeting Rave’s parents.

This book was a good addition to the series starting with Apocalyptic Moon, which you do not have to read first, but you should because it was awesome. I adored the romance and lust budding between Rave and Maddox, it added delicious sexual tension to go with the thrilling action and intrigue already a part of the story that involved new super zombies, a burgeoning cult, a sex trade, (with questionable merchandize) and plots within plots, as if the zombie apocalypse alone would be boring. Rave and Maddox are pretty much opposites, she is this girly, bubbly raven, and he is a stern pious wolf. Those differences, tied with the dual, smooth POVs switches, added depth and character which made a more exciting and satisfying read. I really liked this read, with its twists and turns, surprises, a touch of humor, and would recommend it to anyone looking for more than the normal zombie story.

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