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ISBN #: Unavailable
May 2011
173 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Raven Grace is a Coli. She can shift into any shape since she was raped and bitten by a demon. She now works for Recovery, doing her best to prevent what happened to her from happening to someone else. She is a workaholic and abrasive, scary to most of her coworkers.

Finn McPhee is a Captain with Recovery in a parallel world. He is a tall and handsome redhead who can read minds.

Raven has been forced to take a vacation by her Captain. She has been working hard to forget the horrible events of two years before. When another woman is attacked by the same demon, Raven is determined to find and destroy him. To get to him, she finds herself in a world parallel to her own with the same but very different people. She is the central figure in a prophecy that could unleash untold evil on both worlds if she is unable to defeat an even more evil demon than the one who changed her.

Raven is one of my favorite types of characters. She has overcome a horrible event to become a stronger person with the addition of some pretty cool supernatural powers. She is pretty much alone in the world with the exception of a few close friends. Finn is a powerful character as well and the perfect counterpart to a fierce but emotionally unstable Raven. There is a wonderful assortment of villains in this story, and the plot is very exciting due to their presence. Ms. Lo Tempio was created a really interesting and complete world on both sides, and the story is impossible to put down.

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