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ISBN# 978-1-77065-020-6
January 7, 2010
Eternal Press
100 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Ravenwing feels at home in the mountains. As a medicine woman, she cares for those who are in need of her services as she learns about her skills as a healer.

Lieutenant Mark Grady, of the United States Calvary, is not certain of his whereabouts or mission when Ravenwing nurses him to health. He believes her powers can be quite beneficial to their cause.

Ravenwing knew the man was injured and needed help. After taking him back to her cabin and removing the bullet, she grows closer to Mark. He wants to remember who he is and what exactly he is doing at the moment, but at first, Mark has no clue. She knew he was hurt and could not leave him to die. If he wishes her to look into his mind, she can but not before. When Mark sees how important her ‘healing gift’ can help, he wishes her to accompany him to the authorities. He believes her actions can help the war effort but can Ravenwing stay away from her home, and what happens when their hearts find that one binding love for each other?

Ravenwing is a read I found incredibly delightful. I enjoyed the way the story flowed. It enabled me to start reading and continue on without a single pause. Carol Mayer takes a good storyline with incredible characters that come across real in almost every aspect and brings a stirring romantic adventure into life. I like the way the players slowly build up a budding relationship together, making it more of a genuine one. This is a journey of two people that I will not forget. The diverse secondary characters all blend in making the story even more appealing. This enchanting story lifts the heart filling it with much love.

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