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ISBN#: 9780062262134
7 April 2015
Del St.
240 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Madeline Whittaker is not so sure that the guy she met at some NYC food event is relationship material. Still, she is willing to try since he looks super yummy. Too bad he is already in a relationship with his job as a chef, cannot plan anything more than ten minutes out, and has yet to grow up.

Elliot Rowe knows Madeline is hot, single, and also happens to edit cookbooks for a living. Being single in NYC is not always easy, but being with Madeline is. Not only does she seem okay with his working long hours, she never calls him on his inability to plan things or the fact that he is always late.

Emily works hard to be the best friend ever, even if it feels like the only thing Madeline wants to do these days is complain about Elliot. Someday Madeline is going to wake up and realize that Emily is single and searching too, and sick and tired of hanging out with Elliot and his best friend David, or maybe not.

This story is told in a series of emails and texts with literally no additional character development. The result is a bizarre two-dimensional look into modern dating and relationships that will leave readers clawing at the pages for more and simultaneously scratching their heads. I will warn you though, the end is absolutely nothing you would expect and probably more true to life than anything else you will read all year.

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