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ISBN #: 9781634763783
August 2015
Dreamspinner Press
117 Pages
Angels and Demons/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Drake is a guardian angel who has lost many of his gay charges to suicide. Unlike most guardian angels, Drake actually tries to keep his memories about his charges. Most guardian angels just move on and eventually forget about them, but Drake refuses to. However, when he is given a new charge, Grey, he is stunned to discover that Grey can see him, and this totally changes everything.

Grey is a mechanic and owns his own garage. He lives in a tough neighborhood where he is part of his local neighborhood watch. He works to keep the people in his neighborhood safe from gang violence, and to keep the gangs out of his neighborhood. Grey can also see angels, has in fact always been able to see them.

When Drake arrives to protect his new charge Grey, he is unprepared for Grey’s ability to see him, and unlike the other guardian angels who all refuse to speak to Grey, Drake actually talks to him. It is not long before Drake realizes how important it is for Grey to have a guardian angel because the nature of his life can be quite dangerous. As the two talk and get to know one another it is not long before feelings manifest on both sides, romantic feelings. However, Drake is conflicted because he has never heard of a human who can see and communicate with them, and he is not quite sure that it is allowed for him to have a romantic relationship with his charge. Will Drake and Grey find a way to be together?

I enjoyed this story very much, the mental conflict that Drake goes through about his feelings for his charge are very realistic. The world building is creative and original making this story one that had me quickly flipping pages. I will say it was a bit dark for my taste at places, more so than I actually like, but the ending definitely made up for it. The way the author weaves in the prophecy, and how the angels aren’t even sure why their world works the way it does, definitely had me wondering what the actual answers were going to be when all was said and done. If you enjoy m/m romance and angels then I can easily recommend this book to add to your library.

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