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Intergalactic Justice, Book 1
ISBN: 9781603946308
June 2010
New Concepts Publishing
177 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha dedicates her life to being a bounty hunter and searching for the one who took her parents' lives. If this dedication costs her the man she loves, she will still risk it all to save him.

Tyler never quite sees past his fear to see his wife clearly for the woman of strength she truly is. After giving her an ultimatum, he leaves instead of standing by her when she most needs him. Now she will stand beside him despite it all.

A voice in the darkness cries out, and Samantha knows somewhere in the galaxy Tyler is in danger. So she drags her sister and brother-in-law wherever it takes because without Tyler alive somewhere out there, she has nothing to live for.

Ms. Mathews offers a story of intrigue and futuristic warfare to keep the reader happy. The suspense will fascinate and enthrall the adventurer at heart. The romance will thrill lovers everywhere. A book to strum the hearts and minds of every reader, it truly is a story worthy of the read.

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