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January 2016
Lost Goddess Publishing
279 Pages
D/S Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Jordan is a successful FBI agent who has been struggling to find the right partner for him. Like most of his friends, he is a Dom; however, unlike the others he is the only one who prefers Daddy/Little arrangements. He has tried for too long to find a woman who was perfect for him, but takes his time to slowly get to know the woman he does meet before springing on them his fetish.

Amy runs her own event business and has met Jordan many times over the last year through mutual friends; her sister is married to one of his best friends. With so many friends in the BDSM community, she was intrigued and even met a few Doms from a dating profile set up on.

The relationship between Jordan and Amy starts off as friendship and slowly becomes more when Jordan offers to help teach Amy about bondage hands on. When the case he is working on threatens Amy the moment he is about to reveal his true identity, everything changes. He battles to protect her and solve his case while not damaging the relationship they are slowly building.

I found Amy hard to relate to, perhaps because I have never known someone who still maintained so much from their childhood. At times I found her to be immature despite being a successful business owner. Jordan I was able to relate to very easily; I enjoyed reading about his inner turmoil with protecting Amy. At times I found the book to be confusing and drawn out, specifically the chapters related to Brian. I felt it took away from what was going on in the story at that moment.

Reviewed by Heather
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