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ISBN: 9781419992391
May 2014
Ellora’s Cave
135 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Notoriety and fame are great for selling sculptures, although the days and nights of constant groupies is wearing thin for Adam Connelly. He needs to venture beyond the ordinary, and it looks like his agent and good friend, Jonathan, has a plan.

As scary as it was, Davinia Quaid cannot deny the rush she felt wielding a flogger. Just thinking of doing the same to Adam nearly sets her aflame.

There are not many women in the world as gorgeous as Davinia, at least in Adam’s eyes, and he has had more than his fair share to compare with. She is all fire and spice, which makes him want to fall at her feet and work his way up. Giving up control is not easy for Adam, yet he will do almost anything for Davinia. It is only when he is completely at her mercy that he realizes how much the mistakes of his past may cost him.

Davinia and Adam are starting the adventure of a lifetime by stepping into the world of BDSM. Their journey starts out mildly enough, then, in my opinion, escalates quickly to well beyond the novice level. Considering their mentors have decade’s worth of experience between them, it is hard to believe how badly prepared and treated Davinia and Adam are. Left to their own devices, I feel their story would be much more honest and believable.

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