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Pack Series

Book 1: Blue Mountain
Book 2: red River

Pack Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781942184522
January 2016
The Romance Authors, LLC
122 Pages
Gay romance paranormal (shifters)
Rating: 5 Cups

Wesley Stone has been waiting a life time to become alpha of Purple Sky his home pack. Even though he is his uncle's heir, it does not appear that is going to happen anytime soon. Because he carries a scar on his stomach and that makes him different, his pack does not accept him. No matter how loyal, caring, and there he is for his pack his uncle makes it clear soon enough that he will never be alpha.

Jobe Root is from a family of alphas that have ruled Red River since werewolves first came into existence. He knows who his true mate is and has been waiting for him forever. Red River is different than other packs in that they have a close relationship to Mother Earth. Red River pack is also different in another way...their alphas mate other alphas, something almost unheard of anywhere else.

Wesley craves being alpha and knows he would be a good alpha, that the scar on his stomach does not have anything to do with his ability to lead Purple Sky. So, when his uncle makes it clear that he will never be alpha, Wesley is not happy. He is even less happy when his uncle says he wants to Wesley to go and live with the Red River pack and mate with their alpha, and that another alpha from that pack will come and lead Purple Sky pack. Wesley sees this as nothing more than his uncle whoring him out in order to get a different alpha, and he hates the idea. However, he decides to go anyway, after all at least he will not be with a pack that does not want him. But things are not always what they seem, and Jobe and his pack are so far different from Wesley's own that he is having a hard time understanding what is really going on. The attraction between he and Jobe is very strong, and it is not long before they each give in. But Wesley is still wary, and still hiding the scar on his stomach. Will he be able to see that Jobe and his new pack are special, and that the scar means far more than he ever realized and is a strength and a gift rather than a weakness?

I absolutely LOVED Red River! This book totally rocks! The world building is stellar and unique. There are so many shifter stories out there that are essentially the same universe, but Ms. C. has created a whole new dynamic with Red River. The way Ms. C. builds the relationship slowly and with great emotion just makes this book one of my all time favorites and a definite re-read. If you love shifter romance, love m/m romance, and having the focus be on building the relationship, as well as the world it lives in, then you will love Red River!

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