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Wolves of Stoneridge

Book 1: Werewolf at the Zoo
Book 2: Alpha's Prerogative
Book 3: Accepting His Animal
Book 4: Accepting His Human
Book 5: Finding Balance
Book 6: Goading the Enforcer
Book 7: Through Dagus's Eyes
Book 8: Loving the Enemy
Book 9: Casey's Love Bite
Book 10: The Wolf Biker's Mate
Book 11: Kyle's Valiant Hunt
Book 12: A Cajun in Colorado
Book 13: Catching a Bit of Irish
Book 14: Gustav's Gargoyle Adventure
Book 15: Choosing His Christmas Miracle
Book 16: The Vampire's Special Lover
Book 17: Freeing Dimitri's Wolf
Book 18: Soldier of Fortune's Downfall
Book 19: Just Lion Around
Book 20: The Mountain Man's Mate
Book 21: Crashing the Comicon
Book 22: The Wolf's Healing Touch
Book 23: Rehabilitating his Dingo

Wolves of Stoneridge, Book 23
Charlie Richards
ISBN#: 9781771119443
May 2014
Extasy Books
110 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Yates Cruner is a wolf shifter, high school teacher and part of the Stoneridge Pack. He goes in with others of his pack to save some humans that have been enslaved by a dingo pack.

Aryen Fowles is a dingo shifter whose dead mother was one of the human slaves taken years ago by the dingo pack he currently lives with. He has been abused and mistreated his entire life.

Yates knows as soon as he comes into contact with Aryen that the dingo shifter is his mate. But because Aryen has been so abused and sexually used by the inner circle in his dingo pack, he knows he must go very slowly with him. He does not want Aryen to be with him because he feels he has to, or because he has been told to. Yates wants to love Aryen and for Aryen to love him, for Aryen not to feel coerced into being with him. But Aryen has a long way to go and when a dingo shifter who agreed to swear allegiance to the new alpha attacks him, will Yates’ words that he can no if he does not want something to happen stick? Will Yates be able to heal his dingo whether they do or not?

This is a fantastic addition to Ms. Richards Wolves of Stoneridge series. I have read every book in this series and I am never disappointed. The world that this author has created inside this series is populated by so much more than just your regular wolf shifter, there are shifters of all kinds including tigers and elephants. I just love that! The love scenes are always emotional, in addition to being highly erotic. This book is no different, plus the way this author writes these scenes and shows the empathy, as well as, love between the two main characters is just the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. It is difficult to effectively write about someone that has been abused, and their recovery. Ms. Richards always handles these topics with class, and empathy. If you love shifter romances and m/m romance in particular, then you do not want to miss a single book in this series. I suggest though that you read it from the beginning though, so you can meet all the wonderful characters! It is well worth the cost, and I highly recommend this book as well as all the books in Ms. Richards’ Wolves of Stoneridge series.

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