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August 19, 2015
Soul Mate Publishing
309 pages
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Valerie Medeiros, a New York City detective, is on the hunt for a murderer who may or may not be a vampire. When younger, a vampire savagely killed her sister and tore her family apart, and she has hated them ever since. She catches Blaze, and instead of being the killer, he ends up being a key to catching him. Despite her traumatic past with vampires, the fact he is half-vampire himself, she finds herself attracted strongly to Blaze

Blaze Knight is a hybrid; half human and vampire with the power of pyrokinesis, who in the past was captured and tortured by the vampire Cyrus. Cyrus found that by drinking his blood he could gain Blaze’s power, and will do anything to get him back. That includes killing anyone associated with him. Along with a thirst for revenge against the vampire Cyrus, he has to deal with the intense desire he has growing for Valerie.

The world is almost destroyed by a rise of vampires, which are kept at bay, by a secret group of men. Blaze, one of those men, who are hybrids, human and vampire, possess special powers. Some macabre murders point to him, but it turns out it is a ploy by Cyrus. They grudgingly agree to work together and a desire for each other ignites. Will it be enough to defeat her hate of vampires and his thirst for revenge? Finally, will they be in time to end Cyrus’s reign of terror?

This was a good start to a new series, but there were a few issues. It had great detail, but tended to be too wordy in places. The world building was good but was missing more info about hybrids, their powers, and how the world came to be devastated by vampires. Some emotions, especially Val’s concerning vampires, flipped between extremes and was not too believable. The series has potential and I hope that further books smooth out the wordage and bouncy emotions while giving more detail about the world and characters in it.

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