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ISBN# 978-1-934657-17-1
April 2009
Sapphire Blue
97 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Melanie Windwalker is a priestess in training. She is new to the art and has been told she will head toward the Black Mountains. Surprised that a student would be sent over any apprentice, Melanie prepares for the danger that lies ahead.

Adam Fraser may be considered the tacit head of the Fraser delegation but he has never forgotten the whacking he would often receive after falling asleep during Sunday services. He prepares for a meeting that will change his people’s lives.

Melanie is surprised that she, and five others, have been elected to go to the Black Mountains, a barbarous and hazardous place. They can only hope to be able to bring peace to the clans. Even though Melanie is impressible, she is new to her calling. Adam believes Melanie is the finest lass he has ever seen. The sexual desire he feels for her is strong. No matter how much whiskey he may drink, he will never be able to rid her from his system. As a vessel for the power of the Goddess, Adam understands Melanie is pure but both find it hard fighting their immense desires. Can they refrain from their passion to fulfill what needs to be done among the clan?

Heather Long creates memorable characters and a stunning storyline in Remembering Ashby. The way she depicts Melanie, I could visualize the expressions she bestows with each of her encounters. I could share in the sensation that Melanie felt when told she would be transported to a dangerous land. Adam’s struggle to capture her essence, and love her, is clearly shown in his actions. Ms. Long paints a land not hard to envisage in the mind. I really enjoyed the romance of Adam, and Melanie, and found it one that leaves a lifetime commitment.

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