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ISBN: 978-1-4000-6212-6
May 13, 2014
Random House
Hard Cover
$26.00 US / $31.00 CAN
364 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Just an average guy; a husband, father, and high-school history teacher; Eric Campbell is no better, worse or different than any other man, until his oldest son goes missing. The next four years will be the most excruciating period of his life, making him do things he never thought possible.

Never having been close to her own family, Laura Campbell relishes the bond she has with her husband and sons, Justin and Griff. One tragic day changes every molecule in her body, and there are more times than not she wishes she could just shrink out of existence.

Getting another call to come to Corpus is nearly more than Laura can handle. They have done this before, and it is nothing but heartache and agony seeing someone else’s missing or dead child. When Justin walks in it is more than a gift and an answered prayer for Eric and Laura; it is like their life has suddenly been switched back to the on position. As they try to make the transition back to a “normal” family, they find that their bubble of euphoria is much too fragile to withstand the news to come.

Is there anything worse for a parent than the death of a child? This story is a grave reminder that yes, yes there is something infinitely worse, and it is the not knowing. Being a parent makes this a hard read, striking at a terror we have all felt when turning around and discovering your child is not there. Trying to fathom four years of this anguish is beyond comprehension, yet this author does an amazing job of giving you a taste of what that may feel like. When you think about condemning the Campbells for their thoughts or actions, just for one second put yourself in their shoes, and pray this is never you.

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