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November 2, 2010
Loose ID
191 pages
Contemporary Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Tasha Henslow is in a bind. She has scheduled her bed and breakfast grand opening and she is not even close to being ready. The re-modeling is taking longer than she had hoped and money is tight. Turning to her best friend, Sage, for advice may just be the smartest thing Tasha has ever done.

Crete Gannon is a diner owner. After seeing his brother, Harrison, murdered by a drug dealer, Crete vows revenge and agrees to disappear for a few weeks until the trial.

Crete turns to the only person he can think of…his brother’s former girlfriend, Sage. Paul Barrows, the drug dealer who killed Harrison, would have no way of associating Crete and Sage so it seems like an ideal place to hide. Sage puts Crete to work in her business, Rent a Husband, Inc. Sage knows her best friend, Tasha, needs help and Crete seems to be the man for the job. Crete recognized Tasha as the woman who has been haunting him since the one night stand they shared years ago. The passion may still burn but did Crete just bring danger to their doorsteps?

There are few books that I can become so absorbed in that I will finish them in one sitting. This is one of them. From the spine tingling danger that is following Crete to the moment Tasha and Crete physically reconnect, I tuned the world out until the final page was turned. This story took my breath away on many levels. Ms. Reid has certainly gained a fan with this reviewer. If you are looking for suspense, drama and romance all wrapped up in a neat box and tied with a bow, Rent a Husband, Inc. is the book for you.

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