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ISBN: 978-1-935048-71-8
July 2010
Class Act Books
375 Pages
Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lily Champion became a single mother at the young age of nineteen. The baby’s father had wanted her to get an abortion, one thing she could not do. Her mother had died years earlier and her father buried himself in the bottle. So the only help she had was Helen, a teacher and friend who helped her along the way.

Fast forward five years and Lily has secured a home that she is renting to own, a job, is struggling, but is surviving taking care of her and her daughter. But things soon change and she has to make some serious choices. One of those is a new job where she finds a new friend in Rick, her boss.

The trials that soon appear in Lily’s life seem to be taking their toll on her, everything crashing in at once. But with the help of new friends, a new sense of confidence and love, Lily steps up to each and every trial from the hurt people in the past have caused her and making the right choices for her and her daughter for the future.

Renting to Own is a wonderful emotion-filled read telling Lily’s story. They journey she embarks on is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster as well as a life lesson learning session. I love all the characters. Each has a place that the story could not do without. This is definitely a book to add the shelf but, be forewarned, you might need a few tissues here and there I know this reviewer did. Kudos to Ms. Rettstatt on a fantastic, well-written, and enjoyable book!

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