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Doms of the FBI, Book 2
ISBN# 9781623001940
April 2013
Loose Id
327 Pages
Erotic Romance BDSM Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Keith Rosetti is a rigid Dom who trains subs for other masters in his off hours from the FBI. He never gets close, never lets emotion in and never lets his guard down. Many of his ex-subs speak highly of his training, but describe him as an utter bastard. If knowing about his abusive childhood and his constant wrestling with sobriety, they may cut him slack. However, he will not tell anyone, except for his best friend, fellow agent and Dom, Malcolm.

Katrina Legato has had a crush on Keith for years, since her brother Malcolm first introduce her to the brooding Marine. As an assistant US District Attorney, their orbits cross on a near-daily basis. Trina wants to experience the submissive lifestyle, but any Dom will not do. It has to be the one man whom her brother will cheerfully kill, if he finds them together. Still, she asks Keith to train her, which he refuses until the determined submissive seeks out another partner, one of his inner circle.

When a stalker becomes a threat to Trina?s peace of mind and safety, Malcolm has no choice but to trust Keith. Despite his determined efforts to ignore his best friend?s sultry sibling, she has designs of her own she refuses to allow to be thwarted. She trusts Keith more than he trusts himself, and the added problem of the stalker only makes her more certain that Keith is the only one before whom she will kneel.

It has become depressingly rare to find good BDSM fiction, especially in the post-Fifty Shades era. Refreshingly, Ms. Zurlo craft a tautly written, sexy, action-packed tale with a fast pace, a firm, sure voice and knowledge of the BDSM scene and its practitioners, which she employs with the same devastating effect as a flogger in the hands of a skilled Dom. The emotions are real but not overdone. Her descriptions of subspace stand among some of the finest in the genre. There is plenty of action, emotion and tension. Any BDSM aficionado without this book in their collection is surely missing out on one of the modern greats of the genre!

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