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ISBN#: 9781772337402
March 2016
Evernight Publishing
140 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Fantasy, Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Adrianus is a prince and best friends with Leonid, his bodyguard, and Sandor, a mage. His father wants him to marry a princess so he will have an heir, but Adrianus prefers the company of a man, and wants to find a man to love.

Fedor is a slave in another kingdom. He lost his parents at a young age and was shipped around to different relatives for years until he was recently captured and sold into slavery. He longs for someone to love and who will love him.

When Adrianus's father the king asks him to help King Thanos from a neighboring kingdom, Adrianus is less than enthused, especially when he knows his father is hoping that Adrianus will marry King Thanos's daughter. Still he agrees to go to King Thanos's kingdom and at least try to help. When he arrives, he discovers that King Thanos's daughter is under the spell of an evil magician who has cursed her. He also discovers that others before him have tried to free her, but have failed. Adrianus agrees to also try and free the king's daughter, but makes it clear he has no interest in marrying her as payment. While he is there, he discovers Fedor being beaten in the stables by a soldier. He is able to save Fedor and free him from slavery. Their feelings for each other grow quickly, but Fedor is concerned that he may not be able to stay with Adrianus since he is only a lowly slave. However, Adrianus does not treat him as such, but instead treats him as an equal. While on their journey to free to princess, their love grows, but so does the danger. When all is said and done will they survive their journey, keep their love, and save the princess, or will they die as so many others have?

What a creative, wonderful, absolutely awesome story!! Pelaam writes fantasy romance like just about no one I have ever read before. The love is real, the emotions are real, and the world building is some of the best I have ever read. I love how she leads you and the characters down the garden path so to speak and then suddenly you find yourself along with the characters veering off down a path you had not anticipated. It just makes for really fun reading! The love scenes are delightfully emotional and loving which is just one of the many reasons why this author is one of my favorite. Do be sure and pick up a copy of Rescue, I guarantee you will enjoy it!

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