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ISBN#: 1-60154-652-1
October 2009
The Wild Rose Press
218 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellie Fitzpatrick is a police detective on suspension because she is suspected of taking bribes. She is very self sufficient and determined not to be dependent on a man. Experience has taught her that they tend to run when you need them.

Liam Reilly is now a Superintendent with the police force in Leeds. He is good looking and well respected by all except for his ex-lover, Ellie. He does not believe that she is dishonest but wonders why she cut him out of his life.

Ellie Fitzpatrick was the lead investigator for the Sunshine Slasher case. After that case was solved due to her hard work, she was set up by someone and suspended pending an investigation that she took bribes. She was abandoned by everyone she worked with, notably the one person she should have been able to count on, her ex-, Liam Reilly. She ended up hiding out at her family’s summer cottage, and he ended up with the promotion she should have gotten. Now a woman turns up dead on a nearby beach in a very similar style to the Slasher, just as her suspension has been lifted. She is back on the case and Liam is her boss.

This is a very well written police procedural with the bonus of a love story. The plot is intricate and develops slowly and surely to a logical and well thought out conclusion. The subplot about Ellie’s wrongful suspension is involving enough for a book of its own. The characters are very realistic and the tension between Ellie, Liam, and Ellie’s would-be fiancé makes the story even better. The combination of a great mystery and romantic suspense make this story very difficult to put down.

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