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ISBN# 0-373-80234-X
May 1, 2006
LUNA Books
233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279
$14.95 U.S./$18.95 Canada
416 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhiana Tassot is blessed to know about dragons. She can sense them from a distance; know their attack sense from a mating scent and is not afraid to confront them. Unfortunately, when she is not in her domain, her skills are worthless.

Macarius Fleche is a dragon slayer. His father had the upper hand in training Rhiana in her dragon fighting.

The Lord of St. Renan, Baron Guiscard refuses Rhiana to come near the dragons. He will not allow a woman to prance around slaying dragons.

Rhiana holds a secret. She is a very changeling young woman. With a conspiracy sending variances among the people, she wonders how much longer, her secret will be safe. Knowing her difference, even her mother stays clear, not really understanding the marvel. Her daughter can belch fire yet finds no harm from it. For years, the village had been void of any fire-breathing dragons, now things suddenly divert to chaos when a group of dragons ascend destroying anyone that crosses their path. The village turns to their fearless dragon slayer, Rhiana, who is not frightened by any dragons. With the aid of Macarius, Rhiana seeks to help her neighbors yet something keeps her from fully assisting the cause. Baron Guiscard stands in their way but the innocent village must be spared. As the two combine forces to slay the dragons, a secret could be revealed while she and Macarius develop their own courtship that blossoms for a slayer that truly knows how to treat her fair, as they struggle to save St. Renan.

Rhiana is a gripping tale. Rhiana is a very strong girl devoted to the cause. Macarius is her shining slayer who seeks to come to her aid. The story is action-packed, filled with fantasy, dragons, and sweet romance. Rhiana feels something in her blood that signals her about the approach of dragons and she insists upon findings answers. In a time when women should be tending to the home and families, Ms. Hauf creates a robust, dazzling woman that is not afraid to face danger. Her energizing tale is completely delightful and filled with a vibrant imagination that seems so vivid in this fanciful story. This beautiful captivating read takes the reader to a land that sweeps with adventure and charming characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books