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Irish Pride Series

Book 1: Rhythm of my Heart
Book 2: A Piece of My Heart
Short Story: Constant Craving

Irish Pride, Book 1
ISBN# 9781476474540
July 2012
Tirgearr Publishing
267 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Eilis Kennedy has given up on her singing career, in order to represent other talents who, like her, rarely get past the casting couch. Still, working under Fergus Manley does not save her from come-ons and lewd invitations, which makes her want to find ‘the one talent that will take her career to the next level, away from Fergus.

Kieran Vaughan is a blues guitarist looking for his big break. His plans are cut short when his partner nearly bankrupts him and runs away. Heavily in debt, he is about to lose hope of ever doing something with his music and get a full-time job to pay off the debts, when Eilis discovers him playing in a seedy pub in Dublin’s Northside.

Determined to sign on this one rare talent she has been searching for and make him famous, Eilis is blind-sided by the powerful attraction on their first meeting, which leaves her speechless. His forthright approach makes her forget everything and run away, with Kieran chasing after her across Ireland, risking arrest. Their unexplainable attraction works like a homing device, bringing them together like magnets when in near proximity. Fergus, on the other hand is determined to have Eilis at any cost. Will Kieran be able to protect her from an unforeseen threat and convince her to give him a chance? Or will Fergus get to her first?

The first chapter completely pulled me into the story with the need to know what happens next. The couple’s first meeting blows me away with their chemistry. But after reading further, I feel the story going downward a little. Many things leave me frustrated–a series of misunderstandings, Eilis’s massive insecurities and bullheadedness, in avoiding Kieran at all cost by completely rejecting him without listening to him, or her refraining from a straightforward approach that could have resolved things much sooner. I understand Kieran more, mainly because of lack of insight on her past. Also, the side-story of her friend leaves me guessing and wanting to know more about her past. One particular scene in the book has left a bad taste in my mouth, an “Oh, ewwww!” moment, which makes me give it low rating. Apart from that one instance, Rhythm of My Heart is a good read for a rainy day.

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