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ISBN#: 9781772337563
3 March 2016
Ever Night Teen
109 pages
Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Rating: 4 Cups

Megan Cadet, along with her twin brother, after the kidnapping of their family by the mysterious Raiders, is known to be the youngest horse herder in the Federation. The horses possess an ability to travel between planets through a passage they create, which is preceded by thunder and lightning. Their herd takes them to Tauii 3 where they set up camp and are startled by the arrival of another herd which happens to be led by the Jeffries boys.

Luke Jeffries, also a horse herder, along with his brothers is in charge of their own herd after the death of their parents in a rock slide. Since his parents death he and his brothers are all about being boisterous and filling the silence to prove they are still alive, though it is the opposite to Megan’s response to losing her own family. A shocking tragedy brings Luke and Megan closer and helps him understand the reason why the twins seem so stand-offish.

Things are idyllic, until the peace is broken by a Raider attack and Luke and Megan are kidnapped. They find themselves prisoners on a remote asteroid along with other captives, mining for the Raiders in squalid conditions. No one in history has ever escaped, but despite this Luke and Megan never give up hope. For centuries no one has figured out the mystery behind the horse passages, but now lives depend on it and so does their newfound love. Will they figure it out in time?

This story had some suspense, some action, and a sweet romance which grew between Luke and Megan despite dire circumstances. Ms. Macaire’s idea for the horses and the passages they created to travel the planets was very imaginative and tremendously unique, I loved it. The idea of the Raiders, the theories behind their actions, and their overall appearance was arresting to say the least. This remarkable story is a sound start to a fascinating new series that has the promise of adding something new to the sci-fi genre.

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