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Demon and Warders

Book 1: Burn Baby Burn
Book 2: Riding in on a Burning Tire

Demon and Warders, Book 2
March 2013
Cool Gus
$ 4.99
193 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Mackenzie is a warder. She is on the edge of going dark and losing her license. She and her boyfriend/former partner seem to be drifting apart. Because of her job and increasing darkness, she is estranged from her family.

Josh is a charmer and Mackenzie's former partner and current boyfriend. He is keeping something from Mackenzie and has his own darkness to deal with.

Mackenzie has a lot on her plate right now. She has more demon in her than she is comfortable with, an ex-demon baby to raise, and an uncertain relationship with her lover, Josh. Things soon get worse. Her brother is kidnapped, and the Magi of the Endowment are disappearing one by one. Even worse, Josh is suspected of making them disappear, and she is charged with finding out the truth.

I like Mackenzie and her crazy world. She is a classic kick-butt heroine, and the action is fast and exciting throughout the story. The story stands alone well, but the reader should definitely read the first Demon and Warders book for further background and fun. I cannot wait to find out what trouble she gets into next.

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